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Sanchia Ferreira

A Fully Qualified And Experienced Physiotherapist

Sanchia Ferreira is one of our in-house physiotherapy specialists. Her knowledge in the field can assist you with your sports-related injury or muscular pains. Our complement of staff work together toward defining the best therapy for our patients.


Our ‘hands-on’ approach means that we ensure involvement during every step of your journey toward holistic healing, whether from sports associated injuries or orthopedic recoveries. Our in-house physiotherapists have the experience required for all your physio needs.

Our physio can assist you with the following muscular conditions:

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Sports Injuries and Muscle Tear

Knee and Ankle Pain

Shoulder Pain

Groin Injuries

Hip Conditions

Jaw Pain & Headaches


Joint Conditions (such as Bursitis)

Wrist, Hand & Foot Conditions

Working With Our Patients

You will be provided with ways and means of assisting yourself during the post-recovery for continued personal assessment. We envision working alongside our patients for continued periods to analyse physical performance, ensuring that your body operates at an optimum. We provide extensive advice on how to manage any future pain or injuries should it occur, and also provide education on how best to approach your physical training in order to reduce related injuries.

Modern Physiotherapy Techniques

We use a number of measures to ensure the complete rehabilitation and pain management for our patients.

Some of the techniques we use are:

Corrective Therapy and Exercise
Joint & Muscular Manipulation and Mobilisation
Massaging & Muscle Stretching
Physiotherapy Strapping & Taping
Performance-Based Conditioning & Weight Training
Neuromuscular Stimulation